Career opportunities

We are constantly seeking new talents to enrich our dynamic and innovative team.

We offer diverse opportunities for those who aspire to thrive in a stimulating environment where each project is an adventure and skill development is at the core of our mission.

We would be delighted to receive your application for these strategic positions:

  • Field Technician: Passionate about exploration, measurement, and the outdoors.
  • Technical drawer /Calculator: Endowed with an eye for detail and a love for precision.
  • Researcher: Armed with meticulousness and patience.
  • Administrative Assistant: Organized and ready to support our operations.
  • Land surveyor: Experienced and in search of new challenges.

Your next professional opportunity awaits you at ASDAG. Send your application to cv@asdag.ca.

Spontaneous applications

If you do not find a job title matching your profile but are convinced of your expertise, send your spontaneous application to cv@asdag.ca.


Why join us?

Innovation and excellence

We are at the forefront of technology in our work methods, using advanced measurement and mapping tools to provide precise and innovative solutions to our clients.

Professional development

We invest in the development of our employees through continuous training, diverse career opportunities, and constant support in achieving your professional ambitions.

Social Activities and Celebration Committee

ASDAG is also about good humour and sharing among colleagues during regular events where each success is recognized and celebrated together.

Our benefits

  • Flexibility: because we understand the importance of work-life balance.
  • Four weeks of vacation per year.
  • Group insurance plan (RRSP) with employer participation.
  • Continuing education and mentorship.

It’s also about having fun as a team

At ASDAG, we firmly believe that the satisfaction and well-being of the team are at the heart of our success. That’s why we make it a point to cultivate a friendly and dynamic work atmosphere, where each shared moment strengthens our team spirit.



Our commitment to education and the development of future professionals is profound. We offer enriching internships to immerse you in the world of surveying, guided by our experts. These internships represent a unique opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge and gain valuable field experience.

Invaluable practical experience

Beyond technical learning, our internships provide a real dive into professional life within a productive and cohesive team as well as professional land surveyors. You will work on real projects, contributing significantly to the company’s operations while developing key skills such as teamwork, professional communication, and project management.

Financial support for your journey

We are proud to offer paid internships, accompanied by financial assistance for the purchase of school materials. Moreover, as part of our commitment to supporting your academic and professional development, we propose payment for your sessions under the condition that you commit to joining our team after obtaining your diploma. This approach reflects our investment in your training and our desire to build long-term relationships with you.

Your journey begins here. Send your CV and cover letter to cv@asdag.ca.

Working in the Great Outdoors: A Unique Experience

At ASDAG, every day is an opportunity to contribute to exciting open-air projects.

Working outdoors is at the heart of our activity. We take a proactive approach to make this experience positive: appropriate equipment, safety training, and adaptation to weather conditions to ensure your well-being throughout the year.

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