Expertise at your service for 70 years

Founded in 1954 by land surveyors Jean-Paul Alary, Gaston Bolduc et Hugues St-Pierre. Alary, St-Pierre & Durocher, Québec Land Surveyors has left its mark on the territory by contributing to the development and exceptional growth of this beautiful region of Quebec.

Alary, St-Pierre & Durocher uses state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and software, enabling the staff to be as efficient and precise as possible in carrying out your projects.

Whether you’re looking to sell a house, a real estate developer looking to build a new district or a businessman with a multidimensional construction project in mind, Alary, St-Pierre & Durocher is a partner of choice to make your projects successful.

70 years of history

Over 30 employees

20 land surveyors over the years

More than 116,000 files processed

30,000 files from external registries

69 municipalities covered by our services

15 cadastral renovation mandates completed

One of the most renowned land surveyor service providers in the Outaouais region!

Alary, St-Pierre & Durocher, Québec land surveyors (ASDAG) has become one of the most important surveying services providers in the Outaouais by setting itself apart through its expertise and commitment to meet tight deadlines. Its level of productivity and observance of predetermined fees, along with its reputation and high quality services, are key factors to its success.

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