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Certificate of Location

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A certificate of location is the document most frequently requested to a land surveyor as it is necessary for real estate transactions, mortgage applications and conformity applications of a new construction.

What is a certificate of location? A certificate of location consists of a plan and a report in which the land surveyor expresses his opinion on the current situation of your property with respect to the different constraints affecting it. On this certificate, we find all the relevant physical elements present on the property (for example: buildings, fences, hedges, pools, public utilities, etc.), the servitudes registered at the Québec Land Register, and the zones set by the municipality.

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An essential tool

A certificate of location is an important tool when selling your property. Generally provided by the seller, it shows the professional opinion of a land surveyor on the current condition of a property with regards to the cadastre, property titles, as well as the different laws and by-laws affecting the property.

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Did you know?

A certificate of location protects both the buyer and the seller because, by informing both parties of the legal status of the property, neither can claim ignorance of what it entails.

In what situations is a certificate of location useful? In a few words, it is a property’s legal health check. It allows buyers to know the exact situation of their potential future acquisition. A certificate of location can be requested by your mortgage lender to assess the risks related to your mortgage application. It may also be necessary if you are looking to refinance your property. Your lender will use the certificate of location to determine if the property is at risk of losing its value with respect to the different constraints affecting it. Often, the certificate of location is requested by the city following the construction of a new structure to ensure it follows applicable by-laws as shown on the site plan given when the building permit was requested.
How long does a certificate of location remains valid? A certificate of location does not have a predetermined lifespan. These certificates are made for a specific reason and should not be used for other purposes without the authorization of the land surveyor. Any change on a property (fence, shed, extension, asphalt, patio, terrace, etc.) or in the applicable legislation could make the certificate of location obsolete.

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