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Site Plan & Layout Certificate

This plan shows the location where you would like your future residence or building to be constructed with respect to the property lines.

A site plan is a document that will allow you to obtain your construction permit from the municipality.

What is a site plan? This plan shows the location where you would like your future residence or building to be constructed with respect to the property lines. It also shows existing buildings as well as the different norms and constraints (for example: minimum setbacks, servitudes, wetlands, areas at risk, etc.).
How do we proceed? The site plan is the phase of a project where we draw the position of a future building or construction. This is done according to your needs but also taking into account existing constraints (for example: minimum setbacks, watercourses and wetlands, areas at risk, etc.). This is a way to ensure that future construction follows zoning regulations as well as any other applicable by-law.
To create this plan, a field survey will be made to validate the existing traces of occupancy and other structures that may be present on the property. Searches are made at the Québec Land Register in order to place the existing constraints on the plan. Documents from other professionals involved in your project, such as the architect and the septic engineer, will also be used.

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As soon as your site plan is completed, you will be able to request your building permit. We will then be able to proceed with the implantation.

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Did you know?

It is always a good idea to contact your land surveyor before starting a new project. Your land surveyor will be able to inform you of existing constraints and servitudes on your property, which will save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary hassles and issues going forward.

You were able to obtain your building permit with your site plan? Great! We can now proceed with the second phase of your project: the implantation.

What is an implantation? An implantation aims to place physical markers on your property that will delineate the limits of the structure you are planning to build.
How do we proceed with an implantation? Your land surveyor will conduct the implantation as shown on the site plan. Physical markers such as metal or wooden stakes will be placed on your property. These markers will be very accurately positioned to ensure the quality of the work you will undertake. Every operation made on your property will also be noted in a notebook.
As soon as the implantation is completed, a layout certificate will be provided. This plan shows the operations that were made on your property and also confirms that the mandate was fulfilled. On this plan, you will find, among other information, your name, the date of the implantation, the minimum setbacks as prescribed by the municipality, existing and proposed structures, type of markers placed, the different constraint zones as well as the servitudes affecting your property.
When do we proceed with the implantation? As soon as you obtain your building permit and are ready to start construction.
Don't forget, once your construction project has been completed, you will need a certificate of location to confirm compliance

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Certificate of location

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